About Splitsek
06 okt, 2017

About Splitsek

SplitSek  is a laidback photo “group” (we’re 4 photographers hence the quotation marks) searching for *That perfect image* – needless to say we haven’t found it yet.
However we strive … and out meek attempts can be seen around this site.
Please see the members section for more info on each individual photographer.


Basically we meet because we simply have to. We have a great laugh when together, and all of us really get that soul cleansing feeling when together. But of course we meet over a mutual passion: Photography … and everything photography. We meet also to refine our skills within photography. On a creative level as well as technical.
More or less all four of us have moved within the same [work] circles resulting in us having a very good technical understanding as well as approach to photography. However this does not mean that our creativity then fails. But we will leave that to each individual beholder of our images.

We’re darn good at keeping each other going and being each other’s critics. In the end it results in great images.
So we formed SplitSek because we wanted to spend more time together, and we wanted to challenge each other’s creative and technical way of seeing images.

And now SplitSek is our photo space, if you like. We take trips together. 1-day trips to various Danish places. But at least once a year we embark on a 4-5 day trip to somewhere in the world (within reasonable travel distance). On these trips we refuel our photography tanks with great images. But we also refuel our social tanks. As we all age we’ve found that part of our trips as important as photography. Though all 4 of us have a slight tendency to being introvert, we simply love the “metal-juice” the company of the others bring.

But juggling with family and work etc we wanted a platform where we – away from the once-in-a-while trips – could challenge ourselves creatively … Introducing: The SplitSek100 Challenge