01 jan, 2023 - 31 dec, 2023

25 shades of Grey

You have two weeks to shoot an image, edit and deliver ...

but all 25 images throughout the challenge MUST be in Black & White

Week 52

Week 50

Week 48

Week 46

Week 44

Week 42

Week 40

Week 38

Week 36

Week 34

Week 32

Week 30

Week 28

Week 26

Week 24

Week 22

Week 20

Week 18

Week 16

Week 14

Week 12

Week 10

Week 8

Week 6

Week 4

Week 2


  • Shoot your best shot every two weeks
  • Show your colours – but in Black & White
  • Be creative
  • Be bold
  • Be you
  • Take it wild
  • Take it mild
  • Take it in


    1. There is a biweekly deadline that must be respected to complete the challenge.
      1. Deadline is Sundays at 23:59

    2. Before or at each deadline you must submit exactly one image to splitsek.dk including:
      1. An Image Title
      2. At least One full line of text explaining the creative thought behind the image.
      3. Full EXIF data
      4. At least 2048 pixels on the short edge
      5. Watermarked to reflect the author
      6. And the image MUST be in Black & White

    3. The image submitted at each deadline is required to have a capture time somewhere in between the previous deadline and the deadline it is submitted to. EXIF data must reflect this.

    4. Only one failure to submit throughout the entire challenge is accepted – otherwise you failed. If you fail a deadline you are required to give notice to splitsek.dk, and you are expected to submit two images at the next deadline.

    5. There are no rules, boundaries or restrictions on content of images you submit barring 2 exceptions:
      1. Each image must respect national Danish law
      2. Each image must be in Black & White

    6. The challenge is completed by a participant exactly 52 weeks later and only if 25 images with creative text has been submitted respecting the deadlines and image requirements.