01 jan, 2018 - 31 dec, 2018

The SPLITSEK100 Challenge

We decided to redefine our creativity in 100 split seconds.
So we created the SplitSek 100 Challenge


Creative boundaries:


  • There are hundreds of loves in our lives – Reinvent 100 of yours
  • There are hundreds of ways to be creative – complete 100 of yours
  • There are hundreds of motives we already have done – Do 100 new ones '
  • There are hundreds of missed opportunities – Take 100 of them back
  • There are hundreds of believes we forget – Make 100 remembered again
  • There are hundreds of repeats we do every year – Make 100 new ones
  • There are hundreds of commitments we break – Make this ONE stick


  1. There are two weekly deadlines that must be respected to complete the challenge.
    1. Deadline 1: Wednesdays at 23:59 pm
    2. Deadline 2: Sundays at 23:59 pm

  2. Before or at each deadline you must submit exactly one image to splitsek.dk including:
    1. An Image Title
    2. At least One full line of text explaining the creative thought behind the image.
    3. Full EXIF data
    4. At least 1024 pixels on the short edge
    5. Watermarked to reflect the author

  3. The image submitted at each deadline is required to have a capture time somewhere in between the previous deadline and the deadline it is submitted to. EXIF data must reflect this.
    1. FX: An image submitted before a Wednesday 23:59 pm deadline must be taken in that same weeks Monday 0:00 am through Wednesday 23:59 pm timeline.

  4. Only one failure to submit throughout the entire challenge is accepted – otherwise you failed. If you fail a deadline you are required to give notice to splitsek.dk, and you are expected to submit two images at the next deadline.

  5. There are no rules, boundaries or restrictions on content of images you submit barring 2 exceptions:
    1. Each image must respect national Danish law
    2. Each participant is bestowed 4 individual deadlines, where you can “set a creative boundary” for all participants submitting to that deadline. A participant can invoke his or hers privilege one deadline at a time until all four are spent. The “creative boundary” a participant chooses to set for all is completely free and the only requirement is one weeks notice to all participants. A creative boundary could be things like: Subject, colours, motives, technical limitations (ISO, Focal length, Aperture) and so on.

  6. The challenge is completed by a participant exactly 50 weeks later and only if 100 images with creative text has been submitted respecting the deadlines and image requirements